Keeping warm in the autumn

As the autumn has come in New Zealand (where I am from)ย and the leaves on the trees have started to change colour turning light brown and to gently fall, the temperatures are also a bit cooler and there are often frosts in the morning. Here are a couple of ways to help to stay a bit warmer in the cooler autumn weather โœจ

A lemon and honey drink recipe

Here is a recipe for a warm lemon, honey and fresh ginger drink my Mum used to make when we were little and had a coldย ๐Ÿฏย I often make the lemon and honey drink when the weather is cooler in the autumn and winter or if I have a cold, as the lemons in the drink are full of vitamin C and the honey helps to soothe a sore throat.ย 

Moringa body mist from the Body Shop

I was gifted a moringa body mist from the Body Shop by my Uncle and his family for my birthday, and the body mist is so beautiful, feels so lovely to use and comes in a generous and clear glass bottleย ๐Ÿ•Šย I hadn't tried a body mist from the Body Shop before, or a bath or body care product with the moringa flavour, and I enjoy using the body mist a lot.

INFPs, one of 16 types

INFPs are one of 16 myers-briggs personality types, and I am an INFP. The four letters in INFP stand for introversion (I), intuition (N), feeling (F) and perception (P) and describe four preferences which are most natural, and feel most comfortable to use, to help to understand and navigate the world. I first took the myers-briggs test when I was 16 and I came up as being an INFP ๐Ÿ•Š

Lipsticks from the Body Shop

The Body Shop is a natural beauty and make up company I love so so much, and I have been using lipsticks from the Body Shop for quite a long time, since about 2013 ๐ŸŒธย as noted on the Body Shop webpage, the Body Shop look around the world for high quality and ethically-sourced ingredients to be able to make a range of beauty products inspired by nature.

Strawberry smoothie recipe

Here is a recipe for a strawberry smoothie I have been making quite a lot this summer and autumn. The smoothie is really nice to have in the morning for breakfast or for any time of the day, and there are only a few ingredients, including a banana, strawberries, plant based milk, ground almonds and yoghurt ๐ŸŒธย