Natural soaps by irma and violet

I follow a natural soap company on instagram called irma and violet who are based in Australia, and who make natural, handmade soaps, body scrubs, bath bombs and bath salts, which are so beautiful and carefully made, and feel lovely to use πŸ’›


A lovely blog: Kitty Cotten

I found a lovely blog today called Kitty Cotten πŸ™‚ Before finding the blog, I found Kitty's channel on YouTube, where she has a lot of videos about home interiors, vlogs, style (including capsule wardrobes), weddings, travel and beauty, and I enjoyed watching some of her videos about style and capsule wardrobes.

Cherry Blossom perfume

I went shopping about a month ago and found a L'Occitane shop, where I looked around for quite a while at the beautiful soaps, body lotions and skin care. There were also quite a lot of perfumes, and I really enjoyed reading about the different scents and flavours and trying the different fragrances.Β