KORA Organics soothing moisturiser

I made an order for a couple of natural skin care and beauty care products from KORA Organics a couple of weeks ago, including for a gentle moisturiser as I had just run out of a moisturiser 🕊 the moisturiser is called the soothing day and night cream, and I had tried it before about a year ago, as a part of the KORA Organics daily ritual kit for sensitive skin. I use the soothing moisturiser both in the morning and at night, just after cleansing and misting my face, and often apply a natural face oil with the moisturiser to help to look after my skin as much as possible. The natural face oil I am currently using is called the very gentle restoring oil from Trilogy Products, a beautiful natural and organic beauty and skin care brand who are based in New Zealand (where I am from).

A couple of humanitarians

Here is a post sharing a couple of humanitarian figures, including Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, I know of and look up to a lot, because of how they helped to create positive changes in the world, and shared a lot of kindness, love and bravery with others and with the world 🕊🌸 Audrey Hepburn was so beautiful and kind, was an award winning actress and also became a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. Princess Diana was loved so much by a lot of people from around the world, and worked a lot for a number of charities, to help to raise awareness of important humanitarian issues. A couple more humanitarian figures I look up to a lot include Mother Teresa, who was so full of kindness and unconditional love and did so much to help and support the poor and the sick, and Ghandi, who was so brave and helped to uplift and support less fortunate people and to create more peace in India and lead India to independence (a second blog post coming soon) 🌸

A couple of nature books

Here are a couple of favourite nature, environment and mindfulness kind of books I have a copy of at home, or have borrowed to read from the library 🕊🌸 I studied environmental studies at university and have always loved nature, being outside and reading books and notes about nature, the natural world, mindfulness and being kind to yourself and to the environment. A couple of the books noted include the treasure yourself book by Miranda Kerr, the prophet by Kahlil Gibran, mindfulness and the natural world by Claire Thompson, the art of mindful gardening by Ark Redwood and peace is every step by Thich Nhat Hanh 🌸

Open heart tips by KORA Organics

Here are a couple of open heart tips about how to open your heart chakra as much as possible 🕊🌸 the tips are noted in a post on the KORA Organics Instagram page (@koraorganics) and were originally shared by mind body green (@mindbodygreen). I often do yoga when I can, try to be outside and close to nature and animals as much as possible and often do a meditation too (sometimes holding a rose quartz gemstone just on my heart area) although I am hoping to try more of the tips noted and hope the open heart tips could be helpful. In case you would like to check the open heart tips in more detail, the link to the KORA Organics Instagram page (@koraorganics) and the link to the original post by mind body green are noted in the Sources.

Cacao and almond energy balls

Here is a recipe for cacao and almond energy balls, created by Ella, the founder and creative director of Deliciously Ella 🕊🌸 I often made the cacao and almond energy balls when I was almost finished studying at University, to help to feel energised and keep pepped up when writing essays and before exams. The cacao and almond energy balls by Ella are so delicious and nice to make, and are made with a lot of nourishing and plant based ingredients, including almonds, raw cacao powder and coconut oil. The recipe for the cacao and almond energy balls is from Ella's blog and website, Deliciously Ella and there are also more recipes for energy balls with different flavours in case you enjoy different flavours too 🌸

Quinoa with fresh lemon

Here is quite an easy and simple plant based recipe for quinoa, made with fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper and olive oil, with roasted and fresh veggies. I often make the recipe for lunch if I can and the recipe has just a couple of ingredients you could hopefully find in your garden or at your local shop or fruit and veggie market, including quinoa, fresh lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper, veggies to roast, fresh veggies and fresh herbs 🕊🌸 I am also hoping to be as plant based as possible until Christmas, to help to feel as light and healthy as possible, and to be eco friendly and look after the environment. I am hoping to share a plant based diary a couple of times each month, where I could share a couple of plant based recipes I hope you could enjoy too, and helpful notes about how eating more plant based and whole foods can help to support your beauty, health and wellbeing from the inside out 🌸

September favourites

Here are a couple of natural skin care, beauty care and other favourite things I have been enjoying or using quite a lot for the month of September. It is early spring here in New Zealand (where I am from) and there are a lot of spring blossoms, daffodils, bluebells, camellias and kowhai trees flowering in gardens 🕊🌸 the air outside feels light and fresh, a lot of light green leaves are coming through on flowers, plants and trees and there are a lot of birds singing and cheeping 🌸 a couple of the favourites I chose for the month of September include a moisturiser and a light pink cotton tote bag from KORA Organics, a chickpeas with fresh tomato and lemon recipe, a white cotton jumper from Country Road and a soft pink rose quartz gemstone.

KORA Organics noni glow skin food

Here is a post about the KORA Organics noni glow skin food powder, a dietary supplement powder, which helps to look after your wellbeing and to nourish your skin from the inside out. I made an order for a couple of products from beautiful KORA Organics, including a soothing moisturiser, a cotton tote bag, and a beauty care bag, just a couple of days ago. I had run out of a moisturiser and had tried the KORA Organics soothing moisturiser before (a blog post about the soothing moisturiser coming soon), and thought the light pink cotton tote bag and beauty care bag could be helpful too 🌸 a KORA Organics noni glow skin food supplement was also included as a free gift with the order (thank you so much KORA Organics) and I had always been hoping to try the noni glow skin food supplement 🕊🌸

A Q&A with Isabelle

Here is a Q&A with Isabelle, who is studying law in New Zealand and has a beautiful beauty care, skin care and style blog called In The Glow blog. On her blog, Isabelle notes how In The Glow blog is a beauty blog, which is dedicated to all things skin care, make up and style and on her blog, you can find a mixture of product reviews, beauty advice and various insights into the ever-changing world that is 'beauty' 🕊🌸 Isabelle's blog could be so helpful for any one who is interested in beauty care, skin care or style, as her blog posts are so thoughtful, helpful and kind and all of the photographs are so lovely, uplifting and inspiring. Isabelle also has an Instagram page called In The Glow blog where she shares a lot of beautiful posts with clear and glowing photos of make up, beauty care products, skin care and style. 

INFPs, a second blog post

Here is a second post about INFPs, one of 16 Myers Briggs personality types. I first took the Myers Briggs personality type questionnaire when I was about 16, because my Mum had taken the questionnaire at her work and thought it could be helpful to take, to help to understand a bit more about myself, which kinds of subjects could be helpful to study in high school and possible kinds of careers, which could be helpful and feel most natural and comfortable to do, based on the Myers Briggs personality type 🕊🌸 I came up as being an INFP when I first took the questionnaire and also a couple of times I took the questionnaire again to check in my early 20s. I enjoy learning about INFPs to help to learn and to grow, including how INFPs are unique and how best INFPs can offer and share their unique gifts with the world and to help others 🌸